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Sending Video

"The Will of God"

As you go throughout this week, ask yourself this question: how close do I want to sit to Jesus? We all want to be close to Jesus, don't we? And your answer is almost assuredly, "I want to sit as close as possible to Jesus." But when we sit close to Jesus, we will be asked to do hard things, like redefine how we think about success, as well as challenge traditions for the sake of people.

So, this week, go out into the world and look to how Jesus defined success. He did not care about fame, money, or the number of followers He had. No, Jesus defined success by His service to others, by His self-sacrificial love that broke all sorts of religious rules and traditions. Go, and do likewise. Love people like Christ loved people.

Sunday, May 15

9am - Sunday Morning Bible Classes

Adult Discipleship Gathering in the Fellowship Hall.  Chad Higgins is teaching "Jeremiah: A Prophet in Transition."

Babies through Kindergartners will be in the Community Room connected to the Fellowship Hall. Enter through door F.

First through fifth graders will be in the Student Bldg. (labeled HOSM)

6th thru 12th grades remain in the Student Bldg.

10am (Fellowship Hall) - "Story of the Sower"

Mark stands out from the other gospels by including only a few brief parables and the story of the sower is the first.

Today we explore afresh how this story invites us to re-imagine discipleship in a world where the ground can be ready, or rocky, to receive the seeds of the kingdom.

During Worship (Student Bldg.) 

Kids' Praise will be in the Student Bldg.

We welcome kids ages 3 years through 5th graders to join in on this interactive and fun worship in the Student  Bldg.  For safety, we ask that grown-ups walk your child all the way to the building.  They will be dismissed from the Fellowship Hall and exit through Door F.  Pick your child from the Student Bldg. promptly at the conclusion of worship.

Loving, Growing, Sending 2022

donate Spring and Summer clothes to Caring & Sharing

Caring and Sharing is in need of Spring and Summer clothes for all sizes. We are especially in need of clothes for school age boys and girls.

You can drop off the items any day of the week including Sunday, and place them in the donation bin at Caring and Sharing.

Thank you for your generosity and willingness to bless our Lake Highlands community.

May Love First Challenge - Merry May Mail

Do you remember how much fun we had with Merry Mail back in December? Let’s have some fun again. While many of us are back in person, some are still choosing to attend virtually for their own reasons.

We invite you to sign up by Sunday, May 15th to send mail or a small gift to another HOCC member. Just like with Merry Mail and Secret Santa programs you may be familiar with, when you register on our app or at hocc.org, you’ll receive one (or more if you’d like) name(s) of another HOCC-er! You’ll take the address and either send mail or drop off a small gift or package at his or her house.
You will receive your name(s) and address(es) after May 15 once sign-ups are complete. We encourage you to participate in sharing this wonderful opportunity to live out our discipleship practice of “loving” this summer season!

May 18 Family Fellowship Meal

Make plans to join us Wed., May 18 for our Family Fellowship Meal! Chad and his team will be preparing Burgers, Hot Dogs, Slaw, Chips, Baked Beans, Ice Cream Sundaes for dessert and pizza for the kids. Some gluten free items will be available.

The cost is $4ea/$15 family max payable at the door.

You are encouraged to RSVP on the app/web by Monday, May 16. You can RSVP only without paying in advance or pay ahead and get a 15% discount!

Upcoming Children & Student Events

Mark your Calendar for Children's Ministry Summer  Fun!

Save the dates for some summer fun with HOCC kids and families!

Look for more information in the coming weeks.

June 11 - Pool Party at the Finley's 

Join us for a kickoff to the summer with a family pool party at Ms. Marla’s house in Rowlett. Bring a finger food and dessert to share. Iced drinks and popsicles are provided.

Things to bring: towel, sunblock, change of clothes, pool toys and food to share.

Let Marla know if you’re coming and request the address at mfinley@hocc.org. Everyone connected to the HOCC Children’s Ministry is welcome.

June 16 - Little Chefs Day at Marla's 

Kids, would you like to learn how to make yummy foods? Join Ms. Marla in her kitchen for an afternoon of fun.

Learn skills to bring smiles to your family while filling their bellies.

Cost is $5. Registration is limited to six kids ages 8-12 years. RSVP by Monday, June 13 at HOCCKids.com or on the HOCC app.

hOSM calendar of Events 

Check out the HOSM Student Ministry calendar for Truth Group schedule and upcoming events.

Please email Kevin at khb@hocc.org with any questions.


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