Passover Celebration Meal

April 1 - Passover Celebration Meal 

Welcome and Shalom!

It is the season for Passover, and this year, because of the Coronavirus, we are again offering this online celebration in your homes.

The Passover is a rich celebration of the story when God delivers his people from Egyptian slavery. And it is quite a pageant of decorations, foods, singing, and being with family.

But not this year. Just as we’ve had to make big changes to our daily lives of work and worship, the Passover is shifting away from a big celebration, to many much smaller observances in homes around the world. And we hope you will choose, whether you are by yourself or in a shelter in place home of several, to follow along and join us on this symbolic journey of God’s deliverance.

And, to make all this possible, I’m going to give you several options for substitutions, as some things might be hard to come by.

Keep in mind, Passover and the items used to celebrate it are important and fraught with meaning. But, in all things, especially now when rhythms are disrupted, it is not the what, but the why. You may never celebrate the Passover meal again with applesauce and ritz crackers. But if you do this year, the why of what they represent will be much more important than the actual emblems themselves. We’ll keep that in mind as we go along.

Passover Celebration Meal Preparation

Now, there are many things that you’re going to need to get your hands on in order to participate.

Watch the video (to left) titled “Passover Celebration Meal Preparation” to see a walk through of the items needed.

You may also click on the button below to see a printable checklist of the items you'll need to prepare.  

Passover Plate Set Up

Once you have everything ready to go and right before you celebrate the meal, watch the video to the left titled, “Passover Plate Set Up.”

Passover Celebration Meal

Finally, the video of the actual meal (to left), is called “Passover Celebration Meal 2021,” and will be active all day Thursday, April 1st.

May your preparations and celebration be blessed!