love first

February Challenge - stock The Shelves 

During the month of February, please show your love to Caring and Sharing and the people we serve by donating these much-needed items. You can leave them in the drop box at the back of Caring and Sharing (emptied daily).

Vienna Sausage
Canned ham
Canned salmon
(boxed) Breakfast Cereal (best price – Aldi’s)
Laundry detergent (Ajax $1.00 Walmart)
Shampoo/conditioner (VO5 $0.88 Walmart)
Toilet paper

January Challenge - Random Acts of Kindness 

January’s Love First Challenge will be extending random acts of kindness. This might look like dropping by to surprise a neighbor by raking his or her yard, paying for the person behind you in the drive thru line, helping your child create an arts and crafts project to share with a friend, or dropping off treats or groceries to someone you want to remind of your care!  Use the #HOCCLoveFirst to track the reaches of our efforts! We want you to share and inspire others!  Need more ideas of random acts of kindness? Stay tuned to Facebook each week for examples of ways you can extend kindness and Love First!