Enrolling our son into Little Acorns has been one of the best decisions we have ever made! As a first time mom, I struggled with "mom guilt" as a full time working parent-feeling like I was missing out and not doing enough to develop his skills at such an important age. The directors and staff at Little Acorns quickly helped ease that feeling for me as it was evident that our child was in the best care with the best people who not only love our child as their own, but also treat us like "family" and never fail to show it. Little Acorns feels like "home" and we could not ask for a better place for our child to learn and grow!
-Melina & Israel Jaramillo
Little Acorns has meant so much to our family - from the teachers and staff to the other families we have met and call our friends. I’m so grateful to have a caring environment that sparks so much creativity and positivity all while impressing the love of Jesus upon my girls!
-Alli Naylor
For the last 6 years we have had at least one, at times up to 3 of our children at Little Acorns. I have loved seeing our children grow physically, educationally, and spirituality. I can tell the staff loves my kids and my kids love all the adults at the school right back.
–Avery Benitez
Our family was truly gifted a special blessing during our time at Little Acorns. I can say the warmth that many of the teachers give off is genuine. My child was known by first name and always greeted with love and joy. As the year went on, it was clear to me how much my little person was learning about biblical truth and academic subjects. I love that they teach a lot through music, visuals, and hands on activities. Although the pandemic took school for an unexpected turn- Little Acorns did NOT miss a beat!  Our directors and staff were committed to teaching!  We continued to have virtual video chapel worship time and activities that were meaningful. God and the Bible are a focal foundation for Little Acorns and it shows through the energy, the learning, the community that is evident at this school. The kiddos here receive more "small group" and one-one time than what other pre-schools can offer because of their teacher-student ratio. Specifically, I can say my little person was blessed because he sees in his teacher a role model, a leader, a Godly woman, a caring human being who spent many hours in school with him. WHAT a GIFT!
-Leslie Delgado de Leonard
"My family has such a deep love for Little Acorns! Our kids loved it there, had wonderful teachers, learned so much, and experienced so much growth - socially, emotionally, spiritually, and academically.
-Alicia Moss 
"Thank you everyone! Little Acorns has the best people. We have been enjoying having chapel at home and the kids get so excited when they hear their name."
 -Veronica Guajardo
"It's my absolute favorite place to go!"
-Greg Smith